Getting married is one of those lifelong milestones. Weddings are one of the few times when you dedicate a single day to celebrate your love and cherish these extraordinary moments with your friends and family. Capturing these once in a lifetime moments is just as important, and that’s why it makes sense to work with a Wedding Videographer.

You may have noticed modern wedding films are more than just a simple recording of a wedding day. Instead its an engaging, emotional and inspiring ensemble that includes creative editing, wedding cinematography, music and sound design and adjusting the colour and tone of your wedding film to enhance to feel and overall look of the film. Sound a little complex? Yes, it certainly can be. This is one of the main reasons we’ll refer to them as wedding films and not just simple wedding videos.

1. Trust in your Videographer.

Don’t think of your videographer as somebody who simply shows up, films your wedding and passes on a film a few weeks later.
Instead, your videographer is passionate about helping you create and capture those joyous, crazy, and heartfelt one of a kind moments that you can never relive.
Think about your videographer as someone who can anticipate all those special moments and understand how to capture you enjoying the moment naturally.
Long before your wedding day arrives you videographer will be there to offer suggestions and provide support.

2. Capturing memories for everyone, even for those who can’t make it.

While it’s not always possible for everyone to attend your wedding, hiring wedding videographer provides a unique memento that can be forever shared, copied, gifted and shared again for all those that couldn’t be there on the day.
One of the best things about having a wedding film is that you can present your wedding video to those who were unable to attend helping them experience your wedding day in all of its excitement, joy and laughter. By forever capturing these moments, every person who watches your wedding film will wholly experience what it was like to be part of your wedding day. It’s not the same as being there, but it’s the next best thing.

3. Our Memories fade.

How well do you remember those important life milestones? Even the most special memories become a little fuzzy as time goes by. Imagine being able to watch your wedding film two, five or even 20 years later, you’ll be amazed by how things have changed as the memories come flooding back.

4. Technology.

Modern wedding videographers use digital motion cinema cameras that are about the size of a grapefruit. This helps videographers blend in and most of the time you might forge tthey are even there. Aerial drones can be utilized during your wedding day and help provide scenic context as part of your wedding film . Aerial Drones capture dynamic, illustrative and breath-taking video’s that offer unique and grand perspectives of the beautiful location youve chosen for you wedding day. Being able to see your wedding from the air is somthing truly special.

5. An investment for the future.

You might not be at that stage yet, but imagine being able to show your children and grandchildren what your wedding was like.
Unfortunately, those who came long before you most likely didn’t have the option of working with a wedding videographer but you certainly do!
Your wedding film will become a family heirloom, something that’s rare and treasured into the future.

6. More affordable then you might think.

Weddings can be expensive, there’s no denying that, but how often do you get to spend a whole day with all the important people in your life, celebrate your love, togetherness and a brand new chapter in your life? When you consider the opportunity to fully relive your special day over and over again, booking a wedding videographer starts to make a lot of sense.
Once your wedding day had come and gone, what are you left with? Your guests probably won’t remember the floral arrangements, your celebrant’s words or what colour suits the groomsmen wore but what they will remember are the interactions they shared, the fun the tears and most importantly, the awesome memories. These moments are so unique, and they are all that we have, they, make up our whole existence and shape our lifes. How could anyone possibly put a price on capturing one of the most memorable days of your life?

7. You’ll miss moments, but your videographer won’t.

Have you ever heard couples say I can’t believe it went so fast” or “our wedding day just flew by?” Unfortuly this is pretty common, and with so much going on and you focusing on getting married, you’ll likely miss many of the wonderful moments throughout your wedding day.
You’ll miss the nervous excitement as you partner gets ready before the ceremony, your bridesmaids holding back tears of joy as you read your vows or that adorable moment as your flower girl enters the reception for the first time.
Even tho your wedding day might feel like it just flew by, a professional wedding videographer is experienced in capturing all those moments ensuring those beautiful memories aren’t lost forever.

8. Photos can’t capture sound and motion.

Photos are essential, but they really don’t tell the whole story, paint the full picture or move you with emotion as video can. As the years go by and our memories become a little foggy, a photo can often become subjective. Unlike photographs, video and sound remind us of exactly what we were doing, saying and feeling during that particular moment.
When we watch a film, there’s audio, laughter, jokes, music, cheers of excitement and tears of joy.
Its the way people move, the way our eyes connect, our body language that shows love, fondness and all those subtle emotions that photographs just can not replicate.

9. So many options.

In the past wedding, videos had a bit of a bad stigma attached and probably rightly so. They were pretty bland, shakey and usually didn’t do the couple any justice.

Nowadays, wedding films are nothing like the avarage offering that came before them. They are vibrant, fun, emotional, stylized and personalized. Modern wedding videographers are cinematographers, producers, colourists, drone pilots, sound technicians, and editors all in one.
This allows professional wedding videographers to craft wedding films that meet a massive range of styles and options.
A wedding highlights film is an absolute essential inclusion when choosing a wedding videography package. Your highlights film is most likely the film you will watch the most, gift to guests who couldn’t make it on the day and share with family and friends via social media.

Other fantastic options should include:

  • Insta edit. A short compact edit that can be shared on Instagram
  • A short highlights film perfect for Facebook
  • A medium/long highlights edit. Perfect for sharing on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo
  • A feature film (20 minutes plus) Perfect for sharing on Youtube and Vimeo.
  • A full ceremony edit.
  • A full speeches edit.

10.Creating an amazing wedding film.

There are so many fantastic wedding videographers out there but before you make your decision check out their website and Facebook pages for all the vital info. Don’t just look for the cheapest option, choose someone who makes you you feel relaxed and comfortable. Choose a videographer who willing to work with you rather than dictate. Look for a wedding videographer whos films you can connect with. Do you love the colour, the feel and the flow of the film? Does the film resonate with you and engage you?

11. A much different experience then you might think

It’s not uncommon for some to feel a little uneasy about being filmed during their wedding day further questioning whether or not they should hire a wedding videographer. They envision cheesy posing, bright lights and a camera in their face. Choosing the right videographer, however, can be a very natural and organic experience as they shoot from a distance and go with the flow of the day rather than staging fake scenes. Blending in just like one for your guests your wedding videographer may go almost entirely unnoticed during your wedding day.

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